Augmented Reality Nail Polish Virtual Try-Ons in Online Cosmetics Shopping

Experience Essie's AR Nail Polishes with QReal's Virtual Try-On technology


QReal and its subsidiary PulpoAR are the leading companies in the Augmented Reality industry especially when it comes to virtual makeup and nail polish virtual try-on experience. One recent AR project for the world renown brand Essie brings the opportunity for beauty enthusiasts to experience and discover Essie nail polishes virtually when shopping for cosmetics online. With QReal's unique technology, users can see how Essie nail polishes look in real-time with nail tracking technology and explore their own style, making the online cosmetics shopping experience more interactive and personalized.


Stay Ahead of the Game with AR Experiences: Introducing Nail Polish Try-On


QReal's augmented reality nail polish try-on solutions give you the edge over other brands in the realm of the nail polish industry. Allow your users to virtually try on different nail polish colors, finishes, and styles, all within the online cosmetics shopping experience. This innovative approach to nail polish try-on, enhances the convenience and accessibility of online cosmetics shopping while ensuring a more accurate representation of how nail polishes will look on your nails.


Elevate Your Business with AR Solutions: Enhancing Virtual Try-On for Nail Polish


QReal's augmented reality nail polish try-on applications offer beauty industry professionals the chance to take their business to the next level, providing an enhanced virtual try-on experience for nail polish. With QReal's advanced technology, customers can try on Essie nail polishes virtually, bridging the gap between the online cosmetics shopping experience and the desire to find the perfect nail polish shade. This innovative approach engages customers in a way that it ensures seamless integration of virtual try-on for nail polish within the online cosmetics shopping journey.

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