Augmented Reality Cocktail Menu

An ideal dining experience begins with carefully selected appetizers. The cocktail menu provided by restaurants sets the tone for the rest of the customer’s experience. Whether it's a Dry Martini or a perfectly crafted Manhattan, a well-prepared cocktail can elevate the restaurant's reputation and overall mood of the customer. 


As a restaurant, in addition to taste and quality; the presentation of cocktails and dishes also play an active role in maximizing the customer’s dining experience. In a time where the physical and digital world are becoming more and more intertwined, presenting a cocktail menu via augmented reality (AR) will engage customers and create a memorable dining experience. Giving customers the ability to view cocktails as lifelike AR models before ordering them will ensure a unique and "appetizing" experience.


Effects of the Pandemic in restaurants


Restaurants & bars have endured a difficult time during the pandemic, and as restrictions are being lifted, they are tasked with creating a new dining experience, keeping Covid-19 precautions in mind. Although the Covid-19 precautions vary from state to state, options such as contactless menus and payment procedures play a key role in gaining customers' business in the wake of a global pandemic.


Presenting a contactless menu with AR technology adds a layer of reality to your customers' digital experience. Since the pandemic, consumers have gleaned more familiarity with digital experience making it possible to increase customer loyalty with a perfect AR experience.


An article titled “What's next for Digital Consumers” from Mckinsey & Company states that in both Europe and the United States, digital adoption grew fastest in the utilities and travel industries, which each jumped 46 percent.” The authors go on to explain that “companies can hold on to new digital consumers by improving digital experiences, investing in ‘phygital,’ and putting consumer trust at the heart of all they do.”


Immersive Instagram & Snapchat AR Experience


Digital brand identity is as vital as the experience you create in your restaurant. It is possible for restaurants to present cocktails and meals to users all over the world with AR filters built on Instagram and Snapchat. A restaurant’s virtual cocktails can be experienced at a classy event in France or at a New Year’s Eve celebration in New York City. 


With AR marketing campaigns, companies can reach greater audiences. AR experiences appeal to a growing consumer base of technologically savvy young adults and can increase a company’s booking rates. 


Furthermore, 3D models of cocktails will also allow restaurants to adapt to future digital marketing trends. Between Facebook's concentrated interest in the metaverse and Snapchat's AR-oriented approach, the food photos typically shared to Instagram or Snapchat will gradually be replaced by realistic models.


Being one of the leading brands in the augmented reality world will undoubtedly increase a company’s competitiveness in the market. By simultaneously using many marketing tools from 3D ads and sales-oriented AR filters, businesses can readily transform potential customers into loyal patrons.


Since 2016, QReal has strengthened its industry-leading position with realistic, AR food experiences. Beyond increasing order rates, QReal builds AR-supported interactions and brand awareness for diverse businesses. In this way, QReal embodies their pillar of "Creating craveability is the end goal for any restaurant or food brand."