QReal Announces Official Partnership with Epic Games

In an era where augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are rapidly infiltrating various aspects of daily life and business, QReal proudly announces its official partnership with Epic Games to break new ground in digital world capabilities.


About QReal: A Vanguard in AR & VR Development


Recognized as an official partner of technology giants such as Google and Snapchat, QReal boasts a track record of successfully implementing a myriad of AR & VR projects. Employing a team of highly skilled creatives and tech specialists, QReal specializes in enhancing customer engagement and brand communication through AR technology.


From Snapchat lens developments to virtual try-on experiences, QReal has effectively leveraged AR and VR platforms for brand promotion across diverse sectors. Their suite of services, including lifelike 3D Models and social media filters, positions them as pioneers in delivering future-ready solutions that offer brands a continuous competitive edge.


About Epic Games: Pioneering Real-Time 3D Creation


With more than two decades of industry leadership, Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, is the go-to platform for game and simulation developers. The platform's versatility extends beyond gaming to offer significant value to businesses. Epic Games equips developers with a robust toolkit to craft immersive VR & AR experiences, thereby uncovering new avenues in education, marketing, and simulation.


What’s Next?


QReal intends to boost the development and spread of AR & VR technologies through its new partnership with Epic Games, therefore crafting a more dynamic and engaging digital future.

This partnership cements QReal's position as a pioneer in the field of AR and VR technologies. Their experience promises to provide unrivaled value to companies, partners, and the industry as a whole, making the digital environment even more captivating than before.

For more information or to explore how QReal and Epic Games can elevate your next project, don't hesitate to get in touch. The future of AR & VR is burgeoning; be part of this monumental shift.

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