Gamified AR Portal Experience for Fanta Festival

In today's rapidly changing headlines, hosting unforgettable events has become more challenging than ever. To captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression, you need to infuse creativity and innovation into your gatherings. Augmented Reality (AR) in the digital realm has emerged as a powerful tool to take events to the next level. QReal has successfully demonstrated how its gamified AR portal experience for Fanta enhances an event's overall effectiveness.


Using AR to Reach Maximum Efficiency


AR has swiftly established itself as a groundbreaking technology, blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds. By superimposing virtual objects onto real-world environments, AR creates an immersive and interactive experience for users. QReal's gamified AR portal experience harnesses the full potential of this technology by integrating Fanta’s branding and products seamlessly into the event.


When attendees step into the AR portal via scan of a QR code, they get transported to a dynamic wonderland where Fanta's 3D assets float around, waiting to be explored. This engaging interaction intends to spark genuine excitement among participants, creating a buzz that spreads even before the event kickstarts. With AR's ability to foster curiosity and wonder, Fanta successfully captures attendees' attention in a way that traditional marketing methods could not match.


Digital Fanta Festival: Fun-Filled AR Portal Experience!


As they step into the portal, users find themselves in the digital realm of the Fanta Festival area. Inside, there are several Fanta bottle caps waiting for them, with their whereabouts changing daily. By collecting these caps users earn points and when a certain number of points is reached, they can use these points for various gifts and raffles.


3D Products: Joining the Digital Future


In today's digital age, static 2D presentations no longer suffice. People crave more engaging and immersive experiences, and 3D products have become the answer to this demand. QReal's integration of 3D products into the AR portal experience further exemplified Fanta’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Rather than merely showcasing images or videos of their products, Fanta’s 3D digital assets come to life in the AR portal. This level of interactivity not only delights the audience but also leaves a lasting memory of the brand and its offerings.


Supporting Events in Digital Areas for Greater Effectiveness


Embracing digital areas and technologies can significantly enhance event effectiveness in numerous ways. For starters, incorporating AR and 3D products can help overcome physical limitations. Whether you're hosting a small-scale gathering or a large-scale conference, these technologies enable you to showcase products and experiences without the constraints of physical space or logistical challenges.


In addition to gathering data, digital event support allows for seamless integration with social media platforms. Attendees are invited to share their AR experiences on various social media channels, spreading the brand's message far beyond the physical event space. This organic online promotion extends Fanta's reach and brand exposure to a broader audience.


Furthermore, by providing an enjoyable and memorable experience, attendees develop positive associations with the brand. These positive emotions foster brand loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat business and customer advocacy.


QReal's gamified AR portal experience for Fanta has shown how augmented reality and 3D products can add that special layer of creativity and innovation to events. By embracing digital technologies, events become more engaging, interactive, and effective. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, leveraging these technologies will be crucial for companies to stand out, create lasting impressions, and build strong connections with their audience.

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