QReal Designs an Innovative Lens for Sweetgreen’s Loyalty Program

In the world of marketing, success lies at the intersection of creative ideas and campaigns. At this intersection, QReal, with its expertise in augmented reality, teamed up with the delightful salad chain Sweetgreen to make a name for itself once again. Together, they introduced an exciting project that communicates Sweetgreen's new Sweetpass loyalty program through a Snapchat lens. QReal's talented team developed an interactive lens that transports users into a digital 3D vegetable garden, where flowers bloom and loyalty rewards flourish. Let’s dig in while you experience this unique journey by visiting their profile on Snapchat! 

Exploring the Power of Augmented Reality and Digital 3D


Sweetgreen's new Sweetpass loyalty program continues to redefine the landscape of marketing. Designed to offer customers not only healthy and delicious salads but also a range of benefits and rewards, the program stands out - and QReal's Snapchat lens further amplifies the program's impact. Through the lens, users are visually and interactively introduced to Sweetpass's features. By immersing themselves in an augmented reality experience on Snapchat, users can witness a virtual vegetable garden and discover the rewards they can earn through Sweetpass. This innovative approach not only captures users' attention but also motivates them to join the program.


A Digital Blossoming Vegetable Garden: The Snapchat Lens Experience


QReal's artistry shines through its development of the Snapchat lens, providing users with an entertaining and immersive experience. While using the lens, users are transported into a vibrant vegetable garden, where flowers bloom and vegetables thrive. This captivating augmented reality journey enables users to explore the unique features of Sweetpass while engaging with a visually stunning digital environment. By visiting @Sweetgreen's Snapchat profile, users can unlock this one-of-a-kind lens and embark on their virtual garden experience.


Accept the Rewards Online: An Augmented Loyalty Program


The Sweetpass loyalty program is not just about encouraging a healthy lifestyle; it also offers a multitude of rewards and benefits as users earn loyalty points and gain access to exclusive offers. Early access to limited products, invitations to special events, and more await Sweetpass members. By joining the program, customers not only support a healthy eating ethos but also enjoy a gratifying experience. The integration of QReal's innovative Snapchat lens elevates the program's benefits, capturing the essence of Sweetgreen's commitment to customer satisfaction.


By visiting @Sweetgreen's Snapchat profile, you can explore the rewards and experience the captivating Snapchat lens crafted by QReal. Indulge in the taste of healthy and delicious salads while relishing in the rewards offered by the Sweetpass loyalty program. Immerse yourself in a blossoming vegetable garden and embrace the rewards that come with Sweetpass. You’ll be amazed to see how QReal’s expertise in augmented contributes to the buzz!

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