QReal Collaborates with Puma: 3D & Augmented Reality Experience

Puma, a renowned global brand known for its innovative and stylish sportswear products, launched the Forever Classic campaign as a tribute to its heritage, making it one of its most captivating ad campaigns to date. In their pursuit of offering customers an unforgettable experience, Puma reached out to QReal to incorporate 3D and augmented reality technologies into the digital dimension of their campaign.
At QReal, we were incredibly proud and thrilled to accompany Puma on this special journey. We designed a unique Snapchat filter that not only entertained users but also allowed them to step into the virtual photo set created through augmented reality, just like the stars of the ad campaign. 

Unlocking the Door to Virtual Experiences with AR Portal


As part of the Snapchat filter, the QReal team also crafted an AR portal experience for Puma. This AR portal provided users with a virtual doorway into the Puma universe, allowing for seamless transitions between the real and digital worlds. Through the power of augmented reality, users could walk through this virtual door, immersing themselves in Puma's distinct designs and original style, making the experience truly one of a kind.


By utilizing 3D and augmented reality, the collaboration brought Puma's customers closer to the brand, encouraging interaction and sharing. As users tried on virtual products using the designed filter and explored the AR portal, they didn't hesitate to share their fun experiences with friends and followers.


The New Face of Interaction and Sharing


This exceptional 3D and augmented reality experience promoted engagement and sharing among Puma's customers. Not only did users have the chance to virtually try on products, but they also enthusiastically shared their creative encounters with others across social media platforms using hashtags like #PumaForeverClassic and #QRealAR. As a result, the campaign evolved from a mere advertisement into something much more impactful, reaching a broad audience and leaving a lasting impression.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Puma exemplifies how 3D and augmented reality technologies have excitingly transformed our creative world. Such partnerships enable brands to form closer and more interactive relationships with customers, fostering brand loyalty and delivering unforgettable experiences. We look forward to witnessing more 3D and augmented reality innovations in the future and are eager to continue sharing our thrilling journey with you.

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