Puma Türkiye Raises Awareness with Augmented Reality

Puma Türkiye aims to create positive change in society and raise awareness around depression with the new #YorumaKapalı campaign. The new campaign addresses the negative comments people thoughtlessly make to others, especially on social media, and emphasizes that such behavior can have significant negative impacts on people's psychology. In order to overcome this type of recurring social problems, Puma Türkiye started an awareness campaign with augmented reality (AR) technology; an Instagram filter, signed by QReal.


Puma Türkiye's Social Responsibility Mission


Puma Turkiye's #YorumaKapalı (‘No Comment’, in English) campaign is a testament that fashion and sportswear brands wish to be part of the narrative when it comes to societal issues concerning their clientele. Drawing attention to the psychologically destructive impact of negative comments on videos and images, #YorumaKapalı specifically addresses depression. In order to prepare a campaign that would resonate with the digital savvy young generation, Puma Türkiye reached out to QReal to design a simple yet powerful Instagram filter and for the launch, the brand chose an enigmatic young talent as their brand ambassador; Aleyna Tilki.


Creating Awareness with Celebrities and Augmented Reality


Have you put on weight? Why do you look sad today? The list of questions that may have harmful effects is endless. And they are not only faced by pop sensations like Aleyna Tilki, but by all of us. Either on social media or in real life, people everyday are getting thoughtless questions and comments by family, friends, acquaintances or followers. Unapologetic she may be, 23 year old Turkish pop singer Aleyna Tilki put her guard down for Puma Türkiye’s #YorumaKapalı campaign and shared an Instagram Reel using the filter designed by QReal expressing her struggles with depression. It’s important to note that Puma Türkiye is working alongside with European Alliance Against Depression on the Turkish version of iFightDepression platform as part of the campaign.


QReal's Expertise in AR Technology and Contribution to the Campaign


QReal VR & AR agency contributed to Puma Türkiye’s #YorumaKapalı campaign with its expertise in augmented reality. By developing the AR Instagram filter, the cornerstone of Puma's campaign, Puma Türkiye was able to deliver engagement-oriented content with its Instagram followers. The filter allowed users to build a closer relationship with the brand and deliver the campaign's message to more people.


Building Social Change with Augmented Reality


Augmented reality filters allow brands to engage more deeply with their users. By positioning users as the core part of the story, they become the surrogate faces of the brand while sharing their own experiences. This approach provided a highly effective way to bring Puma Türkiye’s #YorumaKapalı campaign to large audiences.


Puma Türkiye's augmented reality awareness campaign demonstrates the brand's efforts towards creating social awareness while maintaining its leadership in the sportswear industry. QReal VR & AR agency's expertise highlights the contribution of AR technology to the brand and this innovative campaign celebrates the potential of people to create positive change. Puma Turkiye's “Yoruma Kapalı” campaign demonstrates the power of building social change through augmented reality. This campaign brings people together to create positive change and helps society aim for the greater good.

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