Social Media and Augmented Reality: Unstoppable Duo

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition means embracing cutting-edge technologies. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have become more than just platforms for sharing photos and videos. They've evolved into immersive playgrounds for augmented reality (AR) experiences that can elevate a brand's social presence. Here we'll explore how fashion brands can harness the power of AR on these platforms, with a specific focus on Instagram AR Effects, the integration of Sacred Geometry into the TRYO app, and Covergirl's innovative use of Snapchat Lenses.


Instagram AR Effects: A Fashion Brand's Secret Weapon


Why and how should fashion brands use Instagram AR Effects?


Instagram, with its impressive 1 billion monthly users, has become a powerhouse for brands in the world of social commerce. The synergy between influencer marketing and augmented reality is reshaping the fashion industry. Instagram AR Effects not only inspire influencers but also allow thousands of potential customers to virtually try on products. The result? Higher conversion rates. In fact, products with AR content boast a 94% higher conversion rate than those without.


Furthermore, AR provides a solution for contactless shopping, a trend that's likely to persist post-pandemic. Users can try on accessories like necklaces, glasses, and scarves in a risk-free digital environment, streamlining their purchase decisions. If a brand targets a younger audience, Instagram AR Effects are especially valuable, as Gen Z and Millennials are 71% more likely to use AR regularly.


Sacred Geometry Joins TRYO: Elevating Virtual Eyewear Shopping


The Birth of a Partnership


TRYO, the virtual try-on shopping app developed by QReal, has disrupted the digital fashion industry since its November 2022 launch. Recently, TRYO added Sacred Geometry, a chic eyewear brand co-founded by Turkish fashion stylist and influencer Ceylan Atinc, to its impressive inventory. This collaboration stems from Sacred Geometry's previous success with QReal on Instagram virtual try-on filters, proving that their partnership was a natural progression.


Sacred Geometry's Digital Adventure


The 2023 Spring/Summer collection from Sacred Geometry introduces three unique sunglasses styles: Chonky, Pluto, and Miami. These exquisite designs have been meticulously recreated as lifelike 3D models and added to the TRYO app’s virtual catalog. This means users can now virtually try on these sunglasses in all their glory, exploring various color options to find their perfect pair.

Launch of the Collaboration and the Social Media Buzz


To promote their partnership, Sacred Geometry and TRYO have embraced collaborative social media marketing and they've leveraged Instagram filters and reels, creating a seamless connection between the brands and their followers. This cross-promotion strategy aims to drive engagement and increase brand visibility.


With this campaign, Sacred Geometry increased its sales by 40% compared to the same time last year. The integration of Sacred Geometry into TRYO's platform promises to enhance brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales growth. By offering a realistic virtual try-on experience, TRYO is reshaping the way people shop for eyewear and online fashion in general.


Snap Lenses: Covergirl's AR Revolution in Beauty Shopping


Augmented Reality (AR) and Cleantopia Mascara: Redefining Beauty Shopping


In the beauty industry, where personal experience matters, Covergirl has pioneered a new era of engagement through augmented reality (AR) and Snapchat Lenses. Imagine being able to try on the latest mascara virtually from the comfort of your home. With Covergirl's innovative use of QReal technology, it's now possible to revolutionize how users interact with beauty products online.


Try Before You Buy: The Cleantopia Snapchat Lens


Choosing the perfect mascara has never been easier. Covergirl's Cleantopia Snapchat Lens allows users to virtually try on various variants of Cleantopia Mascara, experimenting with different lash styles and looks. Using advanced 3D product rendering and eyelash tracking, the Lens provides a highly realistic representation of the mascara's texture, color, and application. Users can now make informed decisions about their mascara purchases.

A Realistic Experience: QReal Technology in the Beauty Industry


Cleantopia Mascara's integration of QReal technology sets it apart from traditional digital try-on experiences. The Lens creates an astonishingly realistic representation of the mascara on the user's lashes, adapting seamlessly to different eye shapes and lash styles. Users can even customize their looks by adjusting volume factors, further enhancing the try-on experience.


Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry: QReal's Vision for the Future


As the beauty industry embraces the digital age, QReal is at the forefront, leading the charge in integrating cutting-edge technology into beauty products. Through augmented reality and 3D product rendering via Snapchat Lenses, QReal aims to redefine how consumers explore and interact with beauty products online. Covergirl's Cleantopia Mascara showcases the power of virtual try-on technology, bridging the gap between online and offline retail experiences.


The future of beauty shopping is here, and QReal is paving the way for more immersive and personalized digital experiences. As consumers continue to seek engaging and interactive online shopping experiences, brands like Covergirl are poised to lead the charge, offering customers a new level of convenience and confidence in their online purchases.


Boost Creativity through Experimental Filters


In the dynamic realm of social media, users and brands are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to make their content stand out and enhance the appeal of their posts. This is where experimental filters come into play. These filters, like the gamified Snapchat lenses QReal has prepared for its various clients, have the power to momentarily transform ordinary photos or videos into works of art, taking viewers on a captivating journey.


Experimental filters can help you add a different dimension to your photos or videos without limiting your creativity. By playing with colors, effects, and visual touches, you can surprise and captivate your audience. These filters have become a vital tool, particularly for those looking to create impressive content in fields like fashion, travel, and art.


The magic of experimental filters lies in their ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary and game-like and expand the reach of your content. By incorporating these filters into your social media strategies, you can enrich your creativity and freely express yourself without constraints. In the future of social media, it seems the role of experimental filters will only continue to grow.


Augmented Reality (AR) represents much more than just a feature of social media; it signifies a significant shift in the way we interact with technology. While AR enriches user experiences and allows brands to create more engaging and interactive content, its impact extends far beyond social media platforms. In a broader context, AR is transforming how consumers and businesses engage and experience the world.


When AR converges with social media, it enables users to forge deeper and more meaningful connections between the real and virtual worlds. This convergence not only opens up new opportunities for brands but also unlocks doors to uncharted territories for users. As a result, the union of AR and social media promises to provide richer and more personalized experiences.


The combination of social media and AR is shaping the future of the digital landscape. In the coming years, as these technologies become more integrated and advanced, they will continue to deliver even more exciting and immersive experiences. Get ready to explore the possibilities, as AR and social media are just the beginning of a transformative journey!

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