​​Virtual Try-On Goggles

Whether you use them for snow sports or work safety, your goggles should perfectly suit your needs. Although e-commerce platforms have rapidly grown as a result of Covid-19, there are still some products struggling to attract the attention of e-commerce users. The lack of the "experience" stage in the e-commerce shopping process directly affects the viability of products such as goggles that require product testing before purchase.


According to a study by Shopify, products which utilize 3D/AR technology in the shopping process have 94% higher conversion rates compared to other products. Put simply, in order to increase conversions, it is important to reinforce e-commerce with the "experience" stage of shopping. Virtual Try-On technology is the best way to accomplish this reinforcement.


Thanks to Virtual Try-On goggles, customers can visualize a given product on their face from the comfort of their own home. With a single touch, they can easily decide whether the product suits them or not. More importantly, they can try on different models and different color options of the same model in an instant.

Virtual Try-On Advantages

A Broad User Base 

The amount of customers a company can reach with their physical store, or even an e-commerce site, is limited. Augmented reality technology is increasingly being used across many industries to broaden a company’s customer base. Software supported by social networks and technology corporations is positioned as the driving force of the AR economy: according to AR Insider, Facebook has 1.63 billion AR-compatible smartphones, followed by ARkit with 1.25 billion. TikTok has 1.1 billion, ARCore 891 million, and Snapchat has 515 million. Excluding duplicate users, AR active users total about 802 million. 


It is impossible for any brand to ignore AR experiences that are preferred by nearly 1 billion users!

No more deals required with 3rd party stores

Most brands of goggles utilize a wide range of sports shops as well as their own stores to sell their products. Stocking their products across several different stores results in difficult operating processes and increased costs per store. Moreover, following up on the contracts signed for each store further burdens the company with several separate work orders.


With AR filters and Virtual Try-On, a company can direct all customers to its e-commerce store, thereby eliminating the need for physical stores. This allows for increased profitability as well as a more curated shopping experience for the customer. 

Eliminate risks in the return and replacement process

Unlike many other fashion products, goggles can easily be damaged during the return and replacement process. More broadly, the return and replacement process costs the company money even if the product manages to return undamaged. Virtual Try-On goggles can easily reverse this situation: AR-guided purchases have been shown to lower the frequency of refunds by 25% compared to normal online purchases. 

Case Study: Bollé 

With its advanced tracking features, Qreal's Virtual Try-On technology allows customers to enjoy a near-real-life experience while trying on goggles. These Virtual Try-On goggles trace your face movements flawlessly. 


The Qreal team recently added a new dimension to the AR shopping experience in our collaboration with Bollé. Using Bollé's Phantom Lens technology, Bollé users are not only able to see how goggles would look on their faces, but also experience how they would see the world while wearing the goggles.  

Bollé Chronoshield Augmented Reality Try-On and Try-Out


AR goggles filter light according to one’s surroundings just as the physical Bollé skiing goggles would. Customers using Bollé's AR filters feel firsthand how the goggles would realistically perform in sunny or cloudy weather. Not to mention, customers enjoyed this experience without needing to visit the store in-person.


Beyond producing lifelike models, QReal also undertakes the distribution of AR technology. With meticulously planned brand positioning, we ensure that your products are converted into extraordinary AR experiences. Contact us to enhance your e-commerce shopping experience with augmented reality.