Virtual Try-on Hats

You've heard of e-commerce and social commerce; now it's time for Metaverse commerce! Is your fashion brand ready to take part in the newest development in retailing? Take the first step into this emerging form of commerce with augmented reality and Virtual Try-On technologies.

Physical stores are gradually being replaced by e-commerce sites, an ongoing trend which was further accelerated by Covid-19. Influencer marketing, which incorporates content generators into the sales process, has been the driving force of e-commerce in recent years. Instead of visiting a physical store, prospective customers now prefer to browse e-commerce sites and follow trends set by their favorite Influencers on social media platforms. 


Virtual Try-On: create a lifelike retail experience from home

Customers follow the purchasing patterns of Influencers because customers value Influencers' perspectives and opinions. On Instagram, 55% of fashion shoppers stated that they bought a product after seeing it featured by a content creator. In this light, Influencer Marketing coincides with the customer reviews already used in the marketing funnel. 


What if customers could enjoy the benefits of a physical retail experience in a digital environment? Consumers prefer to see how products will look on themselves before purchasing, especially when it comes to fashion accessories such as hats. With a new aversion to trying on products in stores due to Covid-19, customers are looking for a way to transfer their product trial processes into the digital world.


Virtual Try-On technology addresses this new development in commerce, as consumers can instantly try on products with a single touch while also enjoying a more personalized shopping experience. With Virtual Try-On hats, potential buyers can see which hat model and color variation will best suit them from the comfort of their own home.


Community Commerce 

Announcing your new hat collection with AR filters adds a new dimension to your social media marketing campaigns. Imagine hundreds of users trying on your hats digitally, incorporating your products in their Snaps, stories, reels, or TikTok videos with Virtual Try-On! Beyond brand awareness, this will empower your brand with Community Commerce by taking full advantage of the relationship between consumers, Influencers, and social media platforms.

Moreover, by utilizing the advertising and sales models of Instagram and YouTube, you can immediately direct your customers to the purchasing step via Virtual Try-On Hats. Taking the try-on experience to an AR environment nearly doubles the purchasing speed of your customers with Virtual Try-On hats. 



Metaverse marketing

By renaming its parent company "Meta," Facebook brought the concept of the Metaverse to the cultural and conversational foreground. Even if we haven't migrated to the Metaverse environment yet, translating your products into 3D models and utilizing AR technology will ensure your preparedness for the Metaverse.

It is no coincidence that Fortnite and Roblox, which currently offer the closest experience to the Metaverse, have signed deals with fashion brands. The recent collaboration between Fortnite and Balenciaga, for example, saw the release of a Balenciaga digital fashion collection specially for the game. This collection was then sold directly through a virtual shop within the game. In a similar vein, Gucci recently signed with Roblox to create a virtual garden expected in May 2022.


The global augmented reality market is projected to reach a valuation of more than $340 billion by 2028, and the AR market is expected to maintain a growth rate of 43.8% until then.


Thanks to our experienced team and lifelike models, we are able to create AR experiences that realistically reflect the texture, models, and colors of your products. We undertake content distribution with the help of our business partnerships and ensure that brands are advantageously positioned in this rapidly growing retail space. Contact us to prepare your brand for Metaverse marketing now!