Bravo TV


Popular Culture meets Tech: QReal’s AR Filters for Bravo TV


QReal's team of expert AR designers has partnered with Bravo TV to launch an engaging and interactive AR filter experience named "IKYBYK" on Instagram and TikTok. This innovative filter taps into the unforgettable moments of Bravo TV, a network renowned for its original programming and cultural impact since its inception in 1980.



With the "IKYBYK" filter, fans get a unique opportunity to test their knowledge of Bravo TV's most iconic scenes. Upon activating the filter, a series of famous scenes begin to blur across the user's head, eventually pausing on one randomly. Participants then have a limited amount of time to guess the correct dialogue from the scene, adding a fun and competitive twist to their social media experience.



This interactive filter not only engages users but also enhances Bravo TV's digital presence by leveraging the star power of television personality Andy Cohen, who helped kickstart the filter's launch. The involvement of such a prominent figure ensures a wider reach and greater user participation, making the "IKYBYK" filter a viral sensation.


The "IKYBYK" AR filter by QReal for Bravo TV exemplifies how brands can effectively use augmented reality to connect with audiences, create memorable interactions, and drive engagement in a fun and innovative way. Join the fun and see if you can guess your way through Bravo TV's storied legacy!




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