Brickit Express: Let Machine Learning Guide You as You Create Marvels!


Brickit applies computer vision to make sense of random assortments of Lego blocks; you launch the app and point your phone at a pile of random Lego blocks and then with its machine learning, the app suggests what you can build and shows you step-by-step how to do it.

To highlight this ingenious technology as well as the new features, Qreal designed a Snapchat lens called Brickit Express that taps into SnapML - the Lens Studio feature that lets developers bring their own machine-learning models. The lens also utilizes Snap’s Lens Cloud to deliver 3D models and step-by-step directions. Among the highlights of Augmented World Expo 2023, the lens generates dozens of 3D character models and scenes and also offers premium content that Snapchatters can unlock with Snap tokens. Click here to explore how it works on your smartphone!


Use Brickit's easy interface to Release Your Inner Child


Brickit Express empowers both beginners and experienced Lego enthusiasts with its user-friendly interface. The app's intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and provides a seamless building experience, and this smooth interface is now adjusted to the Snapchat lens. The step-by-step instructions displayed on your screen help you bring your creations to life, allowing you to explore your creativity without limitations. Whether you're following the suggested models or designing your unique structures, Brickit Express enhances your building journey.


Join the Game with Brickit's Smart Suggestions


As you tap on the Brickit Express Snapchat lens design by QReal, the smart suggestions will revolutionize the way you approach Lego building. By analyzing the pieces in your collection, the advanced algorithm recommends models that can be built by using the available blocks. This feature saves you time and sparks new ideas, enabling you to make the most of your Lego collection. With the new lens design, there's now a fun reason to click on the Snapchat icon on your phone screen!


Connect and Share Your Creations with the Brickit Community


Brickit fosters a vibrant community of Lego builders where you can connect, share, and be inspired by others. Through the app, you can showcase your creations, participate in challenges, and exchange ideas with like-minded enthusiasts. The Brickit community is a source of inspiration and encouragement, motivating you to expand your skills and push the boundaries of the Lego building. And the Snapchat lens design by QReal acts as a discovery step into this gamified universe!

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