Get Toasty with Cheez-It: An Immersive AR Experience


Dive into a cozy digital adventure with QReal's latest creation for Cheez-It, the beloved cheese cracker brand known for its deliciously toasty bites. Our new Snapchat lens, "Extra Toasty Cabin," transports Cheez-It lovers to a rustic village house setting, enhancing the snack time with a touch of AR magic.



As soon as you activate the lens, you find yourself in a snug village home, complete with a friendly brown bear wrapping you in a warm embrace. A prompt "Feeling Extra Toasty?" appears, enticing you to explore further by turning your camera around. As you do, you're invited to "Fire up the fireplace," setting the scene for a perfect winter's day.



With a click, the room transforms. Outside, it’s snowing, but inside, the fireplace crackles warmly, a grizzly bear dozes on the floor. As you pan to the left, the Extra Toasty Cheez-it crackers catch your eye. Tap them, and they tumble to the floor, releasing their irresistible aroma. The scent is enough to rouse the bear, who eagerly scoops up the cracker and brings it right up to the screen, sharing a moment of flavor with you.



The experience culminates with the slogan "want it, need it, cheez it," wrapping up a perfectly crafted AR campaign that's as engaging as it is tasty.



This AR experience by QReal not only showcases our expertise in creating engaging content but also drives home the playful spirit of the Cheez-It brand, making every interaction an opportunity to bond over a snack everyone loves.


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