Coca-Cola, the iconic brand known for its creative marketing strategies, has embraced Augmented Reality (AR) technology to celebrate the Christmas season in collaboration with QReal. The creation of a unique Snapchat lens marks another milestone in Coca-Cola's digital marketing journey.



This specially designed Snapchat lens brings the festive spirit of Christmas to life and to users’ homes via AR World experience, allowing them to engage with Coca-Cola in a fun and interactive way. The lens, crafted by QReal's AR experts, features immersive experiences synonymous with Coca-Cola's joyful holiday campaigns. The user is first turned into a white-bearded Santa, then into a mop hat-wearing Mrs. Claus in selfie mode and finally, they get invited to flip the camera to see a decorated Christmas tree surrounded with presents and a Coca Cola truck in their own environment. This innovative experience not only enhances user engagement but also cements Coca-Cola's commitment to adopting AR-oriented communication models in its marketing campaigns.



Thanks to QReal's expertise, Coca-Cola successfully integrated Snapchat’s AR technology into its branding strategy, proving the effectiveness of interactive digital experiences in fostering customer relationships. Following the release of another Snapchat lens signed yet again by QReal to promote the Y3000 special edition, this one has set a new benchmark in how brands can creatively use AR to connect with their audience, especially during festive seasons.



Coca-Cola's venture into AR Worlds through Snapchat is more than just a marketing tactic; it's a testament to the brand's dedication to staying ahead in the digital era. Are you ready to explore how AR can transform your brand's engagement with consumers?

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