Step Up to the Plate with Direct TV's 'Baseball is Back' Snapchat Lens


QReal's team of AR wizards has knocked it out of the park with the latest Snapchat lens for Direct TV, perfectly timed for the return of baseball season. The "Baseball is Back" lens offers fans an engaging way to celebrate their love for the game and connect with the excitement of live broadcasts.



When users activate the lens, they are instantly transported onto a virtual baseball field, complete with the atmosphere of a big game. As they look into the camera, a stylish baseball cap appears on their heads, completing their game-day outfit. To capture the moment, the lens automatically snaps a photo every three seconds, taking a total of three shots. These images are then stylishly framed on-screen, with the final display showcasing the trio of photos alongside the Direct TV logo, prominently featured in the corner.



This interactive experience not only fuels fans' enthusiasm for the new baseball season but also creatively integrates Direct TV’s branding, reinforcing its role as a key broadcaster of baseball games. Fans can share their framed photos on social media, extending the reach of the campaign and driving more viewers to tune in to Direct TV for live action.



This lens by QReal for Direct TV isn't just a celebration of baseball's return-it's a home run for engaging sports fans and boosting viewer interaction through innovative AR technology.




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