Hefty’s Fun and Engaging Snapchat Lens


In the digital age, engaging customers through interactive and immersive experiences is key to building brand loyalty and awareness. QReal’s Snapchat lenses offer an innovative solution to achieve this. With the Hefty brand, we developed a Snapchat lens that encourages users to "Choose a variety of glasses and have fun without worrying about the dishes." This blog post explores how this interactive lens enhances user engagement and promotes the Hefty brand in a fun and shareable way.



Enhance User Engagement with Hefty’s Interactive Snapchat Lens


The Snapchat lens created by QReal for Hefty is designed to provide an engaging and memorable experience for users. When users open the lens, they are greeted with the message, "Choose a variety of glasses and have fun without worrying about the dishes." The lens then guides users through a series of interactive options where they can choose different plastic cups suitable for various occasions, such as the beach, a party, or a barbecue.



This interactive experience not only highlights the versatility and convenience of Hefty’s products but also encourages users to imagine themselves enjoying their favorite activities without the hassle of washing dishes. The lens makes the experience fun and engaging, prompting users to share their choices and experiences on social media.



By integrating the Hefty brand into an interactive and enjoyable activity, the Snapchat lens creates a positive association with the brand. Users are more likely to remember and choose Hefty products in the future, thanks to the memorable and engaging experience provided by the lens. This organic promotion through social sharing further amplifies the brand’s reach and impact, making it a powerful tool for increasing brand interaction.


QReal’s Snapchat lens technology offers a unique way to boost brand engagement through interactive and shareable experiences. The Hefty lens showcases how brands can connect with users in a meaningful and enjoyable manner.


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