Hoka's AR Triumph: Snapchat Lens to Boost Sales and Interaction



In a groundbreaking move, Hoka shoes collaborated with QReal's team of experts to provide consumers with an augmented reality experience through a Snapchat lens. This innovative approach allowed users to virtually try on Hoka shoes, revolutionizing the online shopping experience.



The Hoka Snapchat Lens, a dynamic and user-friendly AR tool, enabled consumers to see how different Hoka shoe models looked on their feet. Thanks to QReal’s expertise in 3D modeling and realistic outputs for virtual try-ons, this immersive experience bridged the gap between virtual browsing and physical trying on, offering a practical solution to online shoe shopping's common uncertainties.



Snapchat lenses have been transforming digital marketing, and Hoka's utilization of this technology is a testament to its effectiveness. By integrating AR technology into a widely-used social platform, Hoka tapped into a large audience, making their products more accessible and engaging.



The initiative was more than just an innovative marketing move; it boosted Hoka’s sales and interaction rates significantly. Consumers not only enjoyed the novel experience of trying on shoes digitally but were also able to share their experience with friends on their Snapchat feed, increasing the brand's visibility and appeal. This strategy underscores the power of AR and social media in driving digital engagement and sales, marking Hoka as a forward-thinking leader in digital marketing.


Hoka’s successful venture into AR with Snapchat paves the way for more brands to explore these technologies, highlighting the potential of digital tools in enhancing customer experiences and boosting business growth.


This Snapchat lens from QReal is an intriguing case study for those interested in the evolving intersection of social media and the fashion industry. Are you considering integrating similar AR features into your digital marketing approach? Get in touch with us now.

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