A Revolutionary Snapchat Lens Experience for Killabears


QReal's innovative AR design team has taken digital entertainment to new heights with the creation of a captivating AR Snapchat lens for Killabears, a groundbreaking NFT project. Killabears offers a thrilling world where story-driven experiences meet digital and physical collectibles, defining the future of global entertainment brands in the digital age.



The "KILLABEARS" AR lens immerses users in an adrenaline-pumping game where they don the iconic bear head, complete with eye-lasers, as they engage in a high-stakes battle against enemy bears. The fun begins in selfie mode with lasers blasting from the user's eyes. With a flip of the camera, the game shifts to a rear view, transforming the user's environment into a lively battlefield. Here, players control the lasers by moving their phone, scanning for the White, Blue, and Black bears—each with unique strengths—and choosing from an arsenal of weapons like the Red Laser, Green Laser, Bomb, and Flamethrower to defend against the advancing foes.



This interactive AR filter does more than just entertain; it integrates the user's physical surroundings into the game, making every session unique, whether at home or on the go. The immersive experience not only deepens engagement but also solidifies Killabears’ presence in the entertainment industry, offering users an unforgettable journey into its mysterious world.


Embark on your adventure with Killabears today and experience how QReal is transforming storytelling and gaming in the digital landscape through innovative AR technology.




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