Marc Jacobs


The Marc Jacobs AR Experience on Snapchat



In the realm of digital marketing, creating memorable brand experiences is crucial for engagement. QReal's team of expert AR designers has achieved this by launching an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) experience for Marc Jacobs, now accessible through a captivating Snapchat lens. This strategic move leverages gamification to immerse users deeply into the world of Marc Jacobs, offering them not just a glimpse, but a dynamic interaction with the brand's latest products.



Adding to the allure of the Marc Jacobs AR experience on Snapchat, QReal has ingeniously incorporated a gamified element that revolves around the brand's iconic "Perfect Perfume." This playful, interactive approach invites users to embark on a virtual journey to discover the essence of Perfect Perfume, engaging them in a series of challenges and rewards that deepen their connection with the fragrance. By weaving the perfume into a narrative that users can explore and interact with, the Snapchat lens not only educates consumers about the product but also entices them with the allure of discovery and achievement. This gamified experience enhances the memorability of the Perfect Perfume, encouraging users to associate Marc Jacobs with innovation, fun, and a deep sense of personal engagement. Through this creative strategy, QReal leverages the power of AR to not just showcase a product, but to immerse users in the brand's world, making Marc Jacobs and its Perfect Perfume an unforgettable part of their digital experience.



The Marc Jacobs Snapchat lens is more than an AR filter; it's a gateway for consumers to explore and connect with the brand in a fun, interactive manner. By engaging with this lens, users are introduced to Marc Jacobs products in a memorable and engaging way, significantly enhancing product recall. This immersive experience not only familiarizes users with the Marc Jacobs brand but also encourages them to keep the products top of mind, thanks to the engaging and interactive nature of the AR design.



For brands looking to transport their products into the digital realm, especially through platforms like Snapchat, QReal's work with Marc Jacobs serves as a stellar example of how AR can transform brand engagement and consumer interaction. The Marc Jacobs Snapchat lens stands as a testament to the power of combining technology, creativity, and brand identity to create a truly interactive digital experience.


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