Michael Kors


In the dynamic world of fashion retail, augmented reality (AR) is playing an increasingly pivotal role. Michael Kors, a leader in the fashion industry, has embraced this trend with an innovative AR Snapchat filter by QReal. This cutting-edge approach is not just about trying on a product; it’s about creating a memorable, interactive brand experience.



The Michael Kors Snapchat Lens allows users to virtually try on and mix & match the brand’s stylish bracelets. This immersive experience takes online shopping to a new level, increasing customer engagement significantly. By integrating AR technology, Michael Kors offers a fun and interactive way for customers to connect with their products, enhancing the likelihood of purchase and brand recall.



This kind of innovative marketing strategy, where customers can engage with products in a virtual space, positions Michael Kors as a forward-thinking leader in the fashion industry. It showcases the potential of AR in transforming the way brands interact with their audience, making products more accessible and appealing. This Snapchat Lens is not just a tool for virtual try-on; it’s a strategic move to stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends, ensuring Michael Kors remains a top-of-mind brand for fashion enthusiasts.



As more companies explore AR in their digital strategies, lenses like Michael Kors’ bracelet filter exemplify how to captivate and engage today’s tech-savvy consumers. Are you ready to leverage the power of AR for your brand’s digital transformation?

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