Miller High Life


Cheers to Innovation: Miller and QReal's Groundbreaking AR Snapchat Lenses


QReal's team of expert AR designers has once again pushed the boundaries of digital engagement by collaborating with the iconic Miller Brewing Company. Known for its rich history dating back to 1855, Miller has embraced modern technology to enhance its brand presence. Through two distinctive Snapchat lenses, "ML Illustration" and "Miller Lite BBQ," Miller offers its audience a refreshing blend of tradition and innovation.



ML Illustration:

Imagine the excitement of engaging with your favorite beer via a simple gesture. Upon activating the lens, users are prompted with "Raise Your Hand!" Against a backdrop that shifts to dark blue tones, a virtual can of Miller Lite appears in your hand, accompanied by ambient sound effects that evoke the lively essence of enjoying a cold beer. This AR experience is not just interactive but also stirs up the craving for a refreshing Miller Lite.



Miller Lite BBQ Lens:

This lens transforms your surroundings into a virtual barbecue scene. Initially, users see two stacked beer cans in 2D on the front camera. A prompt to "Switch your camera" leads to a fun, interactive setup where users scan their environment. Post-scan, they're immersed in a lush, 3D animated setting complete with Miller Lite products, a barbecue, and the option to explore the scene using touch gestures like zooming, pinching, and dragging.



These Snapchat lenses by QReal not only elevate Miller’s social media campaign but also align perfectly with the company's innovative approach to consumer engagement. By leveraging AR technology, Miller effectively connects with a digitally savvy audience, enhancing their experience with the brand in a memorable and interactive way. Join us in this digital transformation journey and see why Miller remains a beloved name in beer, blending historical legacy with cutting-edge technology.





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