In an era where digital engagement is key, M&M's has creatively harnessed the power of social media and Augmented Reality (AR) to offer a unique culinary experience to its followers. This innovative approach brings holiday recipes to life, providing an interactive platform for M&M's enthusiasts to explore and enjoy festive treats.



The M&M's brand has always been synonymous with fun and creativity, and their latest Snapchat lens by QReal is no exception. By leveraging AR technology, M&M's transforms traditional holiday recipes into a delightful visual journey. Users can discover, create and engage with these recipes in a completely new way – through the lens of their smartphones. The Snapchat lens invites users to tilt their head and make a choice; are you looking for a soft or a crunchy recipe? Do you want a more traditional or a creative taste? By following the simple questionnaire and tilting their heads, users reach a personalized recipe at the end of the Snap experience. This digital interaction not only enhances the user experience but also strengthens the emotional bond between the brand and its consumers.



This strategic use of AR technology exemplifies how brands can effectively interact with consumers at the right time and place, leaving a lasting impression in their minds. M&M's has set an example of how to use digital platforms like Snapchat to create memorable, engaging experiences that resonate with their audience.



This Snapchat Lens from QReal is an intriguing case study for those interested in the evolving intersection of social media and the fashion industry. Are you considering integrating similar AR features into your digital marketing approach? Get in touch with us now.

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