Warner Bros. Discovery


Get Ready to Roar: NHL Conference Final Lenses


As the NHL Conference Finals heat up, QReal brings an innovative way to amplify fan excitement with our custom Snapchat lens and Instagram filters. These exclusive NHL lenses are designed to take your game-day enthusiasm to new heights, making every cheer, shout, and roar count on social media.



Our third and final set of lenses for TNT Sports by Warner Brothers Discovery, feature an adrenaline meter that transforms your appearance as your excitement grows. Just like NHL players grow their beards during the playoffs as a symbol of unity and tradition, you too can embrace this ritual digitally. With our new Snap lenses, see your beard grow thicker with your team’s colors and symbols as you support your favorite team! This interactive experience allows fans to showcase their spirit in a fun, engaging way, creating shareable moments on Snapchat and Instagram.



The primary goal of these lenses is to enhance interaction during the finals, encouraging fans to share their team pride on social media. By shooting videos using our NHL lenses, fans can demonstrate their support and excitement, fostering a sense of community and amplifying the playoff atmosphere online.



Join the social media frenzy with QReal’s Snapchat lens and Instagram filters. Elevate your game-day experience, share your team spirit, and be part of a dynamic social media campaign that brings the NHL playoffs to life in a whole new way.



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