Discover Elegance with Pandora Essence: A Revolutionary AR Experience


QReal's AR designers are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation with the launch of the "Pandora Essence" Snapchat lens, developed exclusively for Pandora, the renowned jewelry brand. This unique augmented reality experience offers an engaging way for users to explore Pandora's latest collection, blending modern tech with timeless beauty.



Upon activating the lens, users are greeted with the announcement of the "New Collection Pandora Essence." Immediately, they can virtually try on a pendant necklace and two stunning earring designs, seeing how they complement their personal style with just a few taps. This interactive feature allows fans to experience the luxury and detail of Pandora earrings without stepping into a store.



The immersion deepens as users switch to the rear camera, where they can try on a beautifully crafted gold bracelet and matching ring. This dual-camera functionality not only showcases Pandora's versatile new collection but also underscores the innovative collaboration between Snapchat and QReal. By employing AR technology, Pandora effectively bridges the gap between virtual browsing and physical shopping.



This AR project isn't just about trying on jewelry; it's about experiencing the brand in a whole new way. Pandora, in partnership with QReal, invites you to embrace the future of jewelry shopping with the Pandora Essence lens, making every interaction an opportunity to discover your next cherished piece.




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