Ray-Ban & META


Discover Ray-Ban Meta Glasses with QReal


In a groundbreaking fusion of fashion and technology, QReal's expert AR designers have crafted an exclusive Snapchat lens for Ray-Ban Meta, redefining how we interact with smart eyewear. Ray-Ban Meta isn't just about style; it's about enhancing how you capture and share your world. Whether it’s snapping photos, making video calls, streaming live, listening to music, or managing communications via voice commands, these smart glasses integrate seamlessly into your digital life.



Introducing the "Ray-Ban Meta" lens on Snapchat, where users can virtually try on three distinct styles: the sleek "Headliner Low Bridge Fit" in Shiny Black G15, the vibrant "Skyler Shiny Chalky Gray" in Cinnamon Pink, and the bold "Skyler Shiny Black" in Cerulean Blue Transitions. Each option appears on your screen, allowing you to select and "wear" the glasses, experiencing firsthand how each model complements your features.



As you interact with the lens, dynamic texts highlight the high-tech capabilities of the glasses, from taking videos and playing music to recognizing voice commands. This immersive trial not only showcases the functionality of Ray-Ban Meta but also encourages users to explore and appreciate the innovative features through a firsthand virtual experience.



This marketing initiative signed by QReal demonstrates how AR can bridge the gap between traditional eyewear and the latest in digital technology, offering users a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge products in a fun, engaging way directly from their Snapchat app.




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