Score Sweet Victories: Reese's AR Game Lights Up Snapchat



Dive into the digital age with Reese's and QReal's latest collaboration, a mouth-watering AR experience on Snapchat that's set to captivate candy and football enthusiasts alike. This immersive gamification venture allows users to engage with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in an entirely new way, ensuring the brand remains unforgettable in the minds of consumers.



Reese's Snapchat lens, designed by QReal's AR experts, kicks off with an American football helmet snugly fitting on the user's head, setting the stage for an exciting virtual challenge. Participants are prompted to "kick" Reese's Cups at a variety of targets, each swipe of the finger sending the iconic candies flying for points. This playful interaction not only promotes the Reese's Caramel campaign but also taps into the Super Bowl fever, marrying the thrill of football with the irresistible taste of Reese's.



Through this AR lens, Reese's not only enhances product recognition but also crafts a memorable brand experience that resonates well beyond the Super Bowl season.



By leveraging QReal's AR prowess, Reese's transforms casual snacking into an engaging activity, proving that innovative marketing can turn everyday products into interactive adventures. This strategy demonstrates the power of AR in driving brand awareness and engagement, setting a new standard for digital campaigns in the confectionery industry.


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