Starbucks' Refreshing AR Lens Experience



In an innovative push into the digital space, Starbucks has partnered through Snapchat, utilizing the creative prowess of QReal's AR designers, to launch an engaging AR experience named "Flavors of Summer." This unique Snapchat lens is designed to introduce users to Starbucks' latest frozen lemonade refreshers in a visually captivating and interactive manner.



Upon accessing the lens, users are presented with a vibrant selection of three Starbucks drinks, accompanied by the prompt "tap choose a frozen lemonade Starbucks refreshers beverage." The options include the tangy Frozen Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade, the sweet Frozen Strawberry Acai Lemonade, and another enticing variety, each promising a refreshing escape into summer flavors.



Selecting a drink transforms the background into a looping, artistic watercolor painting that mirrors the color of the chosen refresher. This immersive backdrop not only enhances the visual appeal of the lens but also personalizes the experience, suggesting that the selected effect represents the user's favorite drink. A green canvas next to the chosen beverage reaffirms this personalized touch, making each interaction feel unique and tailored to individual preferences.



This AR lens not only showcases Starbucks' new summer offerings but also sets a new standard for how brands can use AR filters for product introduction and customer engagement. The "Flavors of Summer" lens is a testament to the potential of AR technology in creating memorable, engaging experiences that go beyond traditional advertising. By enabling users to virtually taste and interact with their new products, Starbucks enhances customer interaction, driving curiosity and excitement around their beverages.


As businesses continue to explore the possibilities of digital marketing, Starbucks' approach offers valuable insights into leveraging AR for product launches. This strategy not only captures the attention of the target audience but also fosters a deeper connection with the brand through innovative and interactive digital experiences.



Looking to infuse your brand's digital strategy with the dynamic potential of AR? Let's explore how cutting-edge AR technology can elevate your product promotions and engage your audience in new and exciting ways.

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