Delaware North


Delaware North is revolutionizing the guest experience at TD Garden's 1928 Club with an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) cocktail menu Snap Camera Kit, developed by QReal. By simply scanning a QR code, patrons can interact with lifelike 3D representations of their beverage choices directly on their smartphones. This technology not only enhances the decision-making process by allowing customers to see the cocktails in stunning detail but also boosts their engagement and satisfaction by making the selection process both interactive and entertaining.



The AR menu elevates the customer experience by integrating seamlessly across various digital platforms, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all guests. It leverages social media's power, encouraging patrons to share their unique interactions online, thus extending the brand's reach and influence beyond the physical venue. Additionally, the use of AR in menu presentations helps increase sales, particularly of premium drinks, by visually enticing customers and providing a memorable ordering experience that prompts them to explore a broader range of offerings.



Looking ahead, the implementation of AR technology in hospitality settings like the 1928 Club is setting new standards for customer interaction and service delivery. It not only showcases Delaware North's commitment to innovation but also signals a shift towards more immersive and personalized dining experiences. As AR technology continues to evolve, its potential to transform the hospitality industry grows, offering exciting possibilities for future applications that could further enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.




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