Under Armour


Under Armour's AR Triumph with Stephen Curry 11 Collection



Under Armour, in collaboration with QReal's AR mavens, has launched an unparalleled Augmented Reality (AR) experience on Snapchat, redefining how users interact with the brand's latest innovation—the Stephen Curry 11 footwear collection. This cutting-edge AR lens invites users to not only view but also virtually try on the celebrated basketball shoes, offering a firsthand glimpse into the future of shopping.



The magic begins the moment users activate the front camera, allowing them to view a lifelike 3D model of the Curry 11 shoes. With intuitive controls, users can rotate the shoes, exploring every angle, and even customize their colors with a simple tap. However, the true essence of QReal's AR expertise shines when switching to the rear camera. Here, users witness the virtual shoes fitting seamlessly onto their feet, providing a realistic and engaging try-on experience from the comfort of their own space.



This initiative not only showcases the Curry 11 collection in an interactive light but also cements Under Armour's position as a forward-thinking leader in sports equipment marketing.



By leveraging AR technology, Under Armour and QReal have crafted an immersive experience that transcends traditional marketing, offering consumers a memorable and interactive way to connect with the brand. This strategic move illustrates the potential of digital tools in enhancing product visibility and consumer engagement, paving the way for future innovations in the retail space.


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