We created this Snapchat lens called, "Launch It!" for the US Navy. We were inspired by shooters' specific hand gestures to communicate with pilots. How did we do it? For each lens, we go through several steps. First, the Storyboard team outlines the experience, making sure every scene is user-friendly.

In this case, it was important to capture the user, showcase the airstrip, and fit the hand gesture manual in the same phone frame. Then, the 3D Generalists make models of the elements. For this lens, they paid close attention to the helmet, the goggles, and the vest, making sure they are lifelike and accurate.

The final step goes to the AR Developer who writes the code for tracking the user and simulating the experience. In this lens, the user is not only in uniform, but they are also challenged to perform a task. This one was special because the AR Developer had to create a new code and tracking mechanism for never before used movements like the soldier's salute.

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