Warner Bros.


Unique AR Experience with Warner Brothers - NHL on TNT



QReal's team of expert AR designers has once again set the bar high, this time for sports enthusiasts. Collaborating with Warner Brothers and the National Hockey League's broadcast on TNT, QReal has developed a dynamic Instagram filters that offers fans an unparalleled interactive experience. This innovative AR filters allows Instagram users to dive into the thrilling world of NHL with just a tap.



The lens features a variety of engaging elements that enhance the viewer's immersion and excitement during NHL games. By using this lens, fans can feel closer to the action, bringing the intensity and atmosphere of NHL games right into their living rooms or wherever they are watching. Whether it's visual effects that simulate being at the rink or interactive features that let users predict game outcomes, this AR experience is tailored to enhance the way fans engage with hockey on TNT.



The partnership between QReal, Warner Brothers, and NHL on TNT showcases the power of AR technology in transforming traditional sports viewing into a fully interactive and immersive event. This lens is not just a tool for engagement but also a new way to experience the adrenaline and excitement of NHL games.




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