Warner Bros. Discovery


Be the King of Ice: A Series of AR Experiences for NHL
on Snapchat and Instagram


In the fast-paced world of sports and digital engagement, QReal is setting a new standard with a new set of groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) Snapchat lenses and an Instagram filter designed for the National Hockey League (NHL). Commissioned by Warners Brothers Discovery (WBD) for the new season of NHL streamed on TNT Sports, this innovative experience invites fans to not just watch, but actively participate in the icy thrill of hockey, transforming their digital interactions into a dynamic part of the NHL action.



QReal's expert AR designers have crafted a unique virtual experience where you can choose your favorite NHL team, see the colors of your team painted on your face virtually and step into the rink. With the swipe of your finger, you become the playmaker, sliding pucks across a digitally augmented ice to score for your team. Once you score, see your face on the rink screens and join the celebration. This immersive experience doesn't just simulate a game; it puts the control directly in your hands, letting you execute plays and strategies in real-time.



The Snapchat lenses feature meticulously designed virtual pucks that enhance the user experience with their unique aesthetics, complementing the interactive branding efforts of the NHL.



What sets this AR experience apart is the ability to record your gameplay. As you navigate through the virtual match, you can capture your best moments and share them on Snapchat or other social media platforms, spreading the excitement and your strategic prowess with friends and fellow fans.



For companies looking to bridge their products into the digital realm, this lens showcases the powerful potential of AR in creating engaging, memorable consumer experiences. Whether you're a sports fan, a tech enthusiast, or a marketer aiming to elevate your brand's digital presence, the NHL Snapchat lenses by QReal set examples for your gateway to innovative engagement.


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