Wendy's Hamburgers meet American Football: A Gamified AR Experience on Snapchat



In a digital-first world, Wendy's has teamed up with QReal's AR wizards to craft an unparalleled Augmented Reality (AR) experience on Snapchat, setting a new standard for brand-consumer interaction. This collaboration has introduced a gamified Snap lens that not only boosts engagement but also deepens brand familiarity among users, especially those keen on bridging their products with the digital realm.



This inventive Snap lens kicks off with a virtual try-on football helmet, instantly placing users in the thrilling ambiance of American football. But the experience doesn't stop there. With a swift screen flip to the rear camera, users step through a portal into a Wendy's hamburger haven, before finding themselves on an American football field. The fun escalates as users swipe to send hamburgers flying towards targets, accumulating points and immersive brand interactions along the way.



This lens not only allows users to acquaint themselves with Wendy's products in a memorable manner but also ensures the brand stays top of mind in the competitive fast-food landscape. Wendy's has successfully harnessed the power of AR to create a dynamic and interactive lens on Snapchat, demonstrating the immense potential of digital tools in enhancing consumer experiences. By combining the excitement of American football with the allure of Wendy's offerings, this lens represents a significant leap forward in digital marketing strategies.



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