Using Instagram AR Effects for Fashion Brands 

Turning its gaze towards the metaverse, Facebook reaches 3.14 billion monthly active users with its application family. While Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are taking the lead, Facebook also directs social commerce, especially with Instagram's Shopping features. The social networking giant is ready to offer new opportunities to brands in the virtual world. Metaverse is the next big thing! Is your brand ready for spatial marketing? If not, take the first step with Instagram AR Effects! 


Why and how should Fashion Brands use Instagram AR Effects? 


Imagine being able to deliver your products to thousands of people simultaneously, without any store, sponsorship, or event costs! Six hundred million monthly users engagewithAR filters developed on the Spark AR platform in the Facebook application family. The number of AR effects published on Facebook and Instagram has reached 1.2 million. Instagram is turning into a virtual shopping center with its stores, advertising models, and payment options. Furthermore, the social network can achieve high sales volumes for fashion brands quickly with its "virtual try-on" feature. 


Creator impact 


With a monthly user base of approximately 1 billion and a “Creator” economy on its platform, Instagram is the locomotive of brands in social commerce. 55% of fashion shoppers on Instagram stated that they bought a product after seeing it featured by a creator. When you combine the power of influencer marketing with augmented reality, your products can be tried on by thousands of people. In particular, Instagram AR Effects inspire the creative content of Influencers and give them the chance to reach the masses. It also saves high-end Fashion brands from the costs of product shipping. Potential customers, who trust the recommendation of their favorite Influencer, quickly go to the purchasing step by trying the product on themselves with a single touch. 


High conversion rates 


Trying products in an ARenvironment plays an active role in increasing product sales, as much as the influence of content producers. According to the data published by the e-commerce company Shopify; products with augmented reality content have a 94% higher conversion rate than products without AR content. With these conversion rates, social commerce and e-commerce will soon be replaced by AR-driven commerce. Fashion brands, thepioneers in AR-driven commerce, will show a notable increase in revenue and conversion rate. 


Contactless shopping 


Although Covid-19 pandemic seems to be decelerating with the spread of vaccination; users continue to utilize precautionary measures andtend to prefer contactless shopping - not only during the payment process but also while trying the product on. Using Instagram AR Effects, presenting accessories (such as necklaces, glasses, and scarves) reduces instore risk and users can try different colors of models with a single touch. Decision-making in purchasing processes has never been so fast and easy. Moreover, the virtual try-on feature being coupled to Instagram Stories and Facebook Ads eliminates the hassle of being redirected to websites. 


Young target audience 


As Instagram advertisers reach a younger audience of 83 million teens , Instagram AR Effects is also perfect for fashion brands who wish to target this young audience! According to 2021 Deloitte Digital research, compared to older generations, Gen Z / Millennials are 71% more likely to use AR all the time. If your brand is targeting to reach this young population, Instagram AR Effects shall be your best bet. 


It's time for AR-driven commerce! 


The best way to be discovered by new users is through realistic AR Filters. Take Advantage of AR Filters & boost your commerce volume. You can increase both brand awareness and sales rates by converting many products in your product category, from glasses to hats, bags, and watches, withAR filters. However, the models of the products to be used in AR filters should be as high quality as your products. The texture of the fabric used in a hat should be “felt” just by looking at the filter. For example, a reflection you attach to a sunglass model should be high quality to make the users experience the product like in real life. Likewise, the more realistic the size and proportions of your product is, the higher the usage rate of the filter and the sales rate of the product. That's why we onlyproduce lifelike models atQreal. You can display the Instagram AR Effects we produced on your Instagram profile. Located right next to your Instagram store, this tab allows users to quickly try-on the products they see in your Instagram Store. Moreover, you can add the AR filter of your products to the swipe-up link of your Stories so that more people can discover and use your filter. By adding a Business Partner to your Stories, you can make your Influencer marketing campaigns visible and advertise the stories with your AR Filters. You can place shopping tags on Instagram AR Effects, which is used even in live broadcasts, and thereby elevate your fashion brand to the top step by step.