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The fashion industry has already initiated its augmented reality explosion. Top brands in the industry were the first to utilize platforms like Snap and Instagram AR platforms. And the web is next. 3D models of products bring the online shopping experience closer to the in-store - the user is able to inspect from all angles, see it in their space, and even virtually try-on some items on. With digital purchases increasing ever faster and returns becoming more and more of a problem, providing the user with an immersive experience becomes more of a necessity.

  1. Virtual Try-on necklacesVirtual Try-on necklaces
  2. Virtual Try-on WatchesVirtual Try-on Watches
  3. Virtual Try-on ShoesVirtual Try-on Shoes
  4. 3D/AR Models on Website3D/AR Models on Website
  5. Social Media Fashion ARSocial Media Fashion AR
  6. 360 Virtual Store Experience360 Virtual Store Experience
  7. Bringing the Runway to your Living RoomBringing the Runway to your Living Room

QReal is an official augmented reality partner of Snapchat

  1. Using Instagram AR Effects for Fashion Brands Using Instagram AR Effects for Fashion Brands 
  2. Snapchat AR LensesSnapchat AR Lenses

QReal’s first love was food. In 2016, we were the first to be able to create lifelike models of cuisine - and still are the industry leaders in the space. Perhaps nowhere is AR more suited than in presenting dishes. Studies from Oxford, University of New South Wales and others, in collaboration with QReal, have shown that when customers view food in AR it makes them more likely to order, raises check averages, and increases positive word of mouth. Check out our models of food in AR - it will probably make you hungry. Creating craveability is the end goal for any restaurant or food brand.

  1. Social Media AR ExperiencesSocial Media AR Experiences
  2. QR Codes to Augmented RealityQR Codes to Augmented Reality
  3. Delivery AppsDelivery Apps
  4. Catering Menu PresentationsCatering Menu Presentations

The application of 3D/AR in the Real Estate, Construction, and Architecture industries is vast. It’s one of the early sectors to utilize 3D modeling (many of our 3D modelers hail from the field) because it's far more effective to plan and iterate digitally than onsite. The same applies to showcasing buildings, rooms, or neighborhoods for marketing and sales purposes. Sketched renders can become lifelike 3D experiences; pictures on a screen turn into immersive experiences that transport you to the site; dioramas transform into fully virtual neighborhoods with your project rendered in situ. See below for more of the wide-ranging opportunities.

  1. Building Presentation and Communication AppBuilding Presentation and Communication App
  2. Community Engagement through Social MediaCommunity Engagement through Social Media
  3. 3D Renderings and Drone Footage3D Renderings and Drone Footage
  4. High Quality 360 RendersHigh Quality 360 Renders
  5. Virtual Tour in VRVirtual Tour in VR

Augmented Reality Agency/Company

QReal is an augmented reality agency based in New York. We create world class augmented reality experiences for brands and agencies. As an augmented reality agency, we work in many different verticals, including fashion, virtual try on, luxury, automotive, and more. QReal (AR company) creates ultra-realistic 3D content, optimized for Augmented Reality. The company then manages and distributes this content for clients.

Our goal is to create the most realistic, immersive Augmented Reality content in the world. To strategically partner with companies and spread these experiences to every phone, tablet, display and headset. To build an inclusive, inspired work culture that fosters happy and whole human beings.

Our group company, Glimpse Group, is listed on Nasdaq as the first augmented reality and virtual reality software and services company with VRAR ticker.