NYX Cosmetics x Barbie


NYX Cosmetics has embarked on an exciting collaboration with QReal to bring an innovative AR Snapchat Lens to life. Highlighting the Barbie collection, this partnership marks a significant milestone in the beauty industry, blending digital innovation with cosmetic artistry.



The Snapchat Lens created for NYX Cosmetics invites users to experience Barbie's iconic look through augmented reality. This interactive lens allows users to virtually try on various NYX products, providing a real-time glimpse of how these cosmetics enhance their features. Thanks to the AR World experience where colorful assets are showcased for the user’s appreciation, the lens not only captures the essence of Barbie's timeless style but also showcases the versatility and appeal of NYX's product range.



Through this collaboration, NYX Cosmetics has proven that virtual makeup trials in AR worlds are not only possible but highly engaging. The Snapchat lens designed by QReal has demonstrated a significant increase in user interaction, proving that AR technology is an effective tool for the beauty industry. It represents a new way for makeup enthusiasts to explore and interact with products, setting a trend for future digital makeup experiences.



As companies seek innovative ways to connect with consumers, the NYX Cosmetics and Barbie AR Snapchat Lens stands as a testament to the power of digital transformation in the beauty sector. Are you ready to explore how AR can elevate your brand's digital presence?

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