Starbucks Celebrates 25 Years of Holiday Cups with AR Magic



Starbucks, in collaboration with QReal's AR design maestros via Snapchat, has brewed an enchanting AR experience on Snapchat, inviting coffee lovers to celebrate a milestone in a truly immersive way. The "25 Years of Cheer" Snapchat lens encapsulates the festive spirit that Starbucks holiday cups bring each year, offering users a fun and interactive journey through the iconic cup designs that have marked the holiday seasons for a quarter of a century.



Upon engaging with the lens, users are greeted with the message "25 years of holiday cup," setting the stage for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Participants are then prompted to smile, triggering a delightful roulette of cups and years. As the selection spins, anticipation builds, culminating in a stop at a specific year's cup design, accompanied by festive virtual attire tailored to the chosen cup's era.



This AR experience doesn't just reminisce about the past; it engages users in a dynamic and personalized way, allowing them to interact with Starbucks' heritage and see themselves as part of the brand's evolving story.



The "25 Years of Cheer" lens by QReal and Starbucks showcases the potential of AR technology to create meaningful connections between brands and their audience, enhancing product interaction and elevating the customer experience. It's a testament to how innovative digital solutions can bring to life the stories behind products, celebrating milestones in a way that resonates with and captivates the modern consumer.


As companies look to infuse their digital marketing strategies with fresh, engaging content, this collaboration serves as a prime example of leveraging AR for storytelling, engagement, and brand loyalty. Starbucks' journey through the years, as told through its holiday cups, becomes not just a tale of seasonal designs but a shared celebration of moments and memories, beautifully brought to life through the magic of AR.


Interested in exploring how AR can transform your brand's storytelling and customer engagement? Reach out to discover how QReal can craft unique AR experiences that captivate and resonate with your audience.

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