The World’s First-Ever Virtual SPA

The Virtual Experience Designed by QReal


The virtual web experience designed by QReal's AR experts allows users to explore the Korean brand AHC comprehensively. On this platform, users can discover products, see highlighted items, interact with a virtual avatar of the brand ambassador, and take selfies with them. AHC Skincare Korea recognized this trend and aimed to create a groundbreaking experience that not only showcases its brand’s heritage but also engages global consumers in a novel way. Enter AHC Spa@Home, the world’s first-ever virtual spa, designed to embody the essence of AHC’s luxurious spa and deliver a quintessential Korean beauty experience. These features provide users with a closer connection to the brand and a personalized engagement. The virtual avatar selfie feature, in particular, enables users to share their experiences on social media, promoting the brand organically. QReal’s creative approach strengthens the brand’s digital presence and ensures users have a unique experience. While navigating the virtual environment, users can explore the brand's story and values, helping to build a loyal customer base. The user-friendly interface and seamless navigation allow visitors to easily adapt to the site and enjoy a pleasurable experience. QReal’s attention to detail is evident at every stage of the project, maximizing user satisfaction.



Personalized Decor Based on User Preferences


This virtual experience offers a decor that changes according to the user's preferences. As users navigate the platform, the decor and environment adapt to their tastes, ensuring a unique experience for each visitor. QReal's personalized approach captivates users and encourages them to spend more time on the platform. The experience, tailored for different characters, makes every user feel special. This feature increases customer satisfaction and strengthens their loyalty to the platform. Additionally, the personalized decor allows users to better explore the brand's extensive product range and make purchasing decisions more easily. Providing an experience tailored to users' tastes enhances their interaction with the brand and boosts loyalty. Such personalization is key to increasing user satisfaction in digital experiences. When users shop in an environment designed especially for them, they form a stronger bond with the brand, laying the foundation for long-term customer relationships.


QReal's Technological Achievements


QReal has equipped this virtual web experience with 360-degree viewing and web optimization. QReal handled all technical and 3D implementations of the project, maintaining high-quality standards in both back-end and front-end development to ensure a seamless user experience. The 360-degree environments allow users to explore the space in detail, making the experience more immersive. QReal's technical expertise played a significant role in the project's success. User-friendly interfaces and smooth navigation make it easy for visitors to get accustomed to the site and enjoy a pleasant experience. QReal's attention to detail is evident throughout the project, ensuring maximum user satisfaction. From 3D modeling to user experience, QReal meticulously planned and executed every detail. This meticulousness ensures the platform is both visually impressive and functional. Additionally, QReal's technical support and continuous improvement processes guarantee the long-term success of the platform.




Advantages of the Virtual Web Experience


This virtual web experience provides users with the opportunity to explore the brand and its products. Users can step into the brand's world and examine the products closely from the comfort of their homes. The virtual experience overcomes the limitations of physical stores by offering a platform accessible 24/7. Moreover, the environmental impact of virtual experiences is lower compared to physical stores, contributing to the brand's sustainability goals. Users can make more informed purchase decisions by virtually experiencing the brand's products, reducing return rates, and increasing customer satisfaction. Virtual experiences allow brands to reach wider audiences and build a global customer base. Additionally, virtual environments make the shopping experience more fun and interactive. This interaction encourages users to spend more time with the brand and increases their loyalty. Virtual experiences are an effective tool for strengthening brands' digital presence and positively influencing users' shopping habits.


Strengthen Your Brand with Virtual Experiences


QReal's augmented reality projects enable brands to establish a stronger presence in the digital world. Virtual experiences enhance user engagement with the brand and provide them with an unforgettable experience. Discover QReal’s AR solutions to take your brand to the next level and offer your users a unique experience. Contact us for more information or talk to one of our AR experts for a personalized consultation. Embrace digital transformation and be part of the future!


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