Monster Energy


Dive Into Monster Energy's AR Experience with Snapchat


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Monster Energy, known for its bold flavors and dynamic presence, has taken a giant leap into augmented reality (AR) with the help of QReal's expert AR designers. Introducing "Monster Gear," a groundbreaking Snapchat lens designed to elevate the way fans interact with the brand's vibrant merchandise.



Upon activating the lens, users are greeted with a prompt: “Capture yourself at a straight angle for the best fit.” This ensures the virtual try-on experience is as realistic and engaging as possible. The screen then displays a selection of five iconic Monster Energy products: a Snapback hat, Unleash the Beast T-shirt, regular hoodie, and zip-up hoodie. Users can select any item to virtually try it on, giving them a feel of Monster Energy’s stylish gear in a completely new and interactive way.



The experience doesn't end there. After choosing their favorite gear, a “more” button invites users to visit Monster Energy’s website directly, making it effortless to purchase the chosen merchandise. This seamless integration of AR and e-commerce not only enhances user engagement but also drives traffic to Monster Energy's online store, boosting potential sales.



This AR experience by QReal for Monster Energy exemplifies how brands can use Snapchat lenses to create a compelling social media campaign that bridges the gap between virtual interaction and real-world commerce. Join the AR revolution with Monster Gear and bring your brand enthusiasm into the digital age.




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