The Future of Food & Beverage Industry with Augmented Reality

The food and beverage industry is rapidly transforming thanks to technology. Augmented Reality (AR) plays a pioneering role in this transformation, redefining how brands interact with consumers. AR enables brands to promote their products more effectively and build stronger connections with consumers. Leading brands like Coca-Cola, Wendy's, Delaware North, and Denny's are using AR technology to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty. In this blog post, we will explore the innovations AR brings to the food and beverage industry and QReal's projects in this field. Discover the opportunities AR offers and learn how you can take your brand to the next level.



Coca-Cola: Innovative Snap Lens with Face Filter


The innovative Snap lens we developed for Coca-Cola goes beyond product introductions by dramatically increasing user interaction and social sharing. This campaign set a new standard in digital marketing. The face filter enhances user interaction with the brand while reinforcing Coca-Cola’s fun and dynamic image. Users shared their fun moments with friends through the Snapchat lens, ensuring the brand's organic spread. Such creative digital marketing strategies help brands reach young and tech-savvy audiences easily. Additionally, increasing user interaction with the brand fosters long-term customer loyalty. This campaign by Coca-Cola demonstrated how AR technology can be effectively utilized and how brands can strengthen their digital presence. The face filter tracks users’ facial expressions and gestures, offering an interactive and enjoyable experience. This ensures users remember the campaign and increases their loyalty to the brand. Coca-Cola's innovative approach took the brand’s digital marketing strategies to a new level. AR technology played a crucial role in telling Coca-Cola's brand story and capturing users' attention.


Wendy's: Gamified and Interactive Snap Lens


The gamified and interactive Snap lens we created for Wendy's distinguishes the brand in the fast-food industry by highlighting its products in the digital landscape. This lens allowed users to spend fun and interactive time with the brand. Through this creative approach, Wendy's set itself apart from competitors in digital marketing, strengthening users' bonds with the brand. Gamification keeps users engaged with the brand for longer, increasing interest in the products. Such innovative digital campaigns make brands go viral on social media and reach wide audiences. Wendy's campaign demonstrated the power of digital marketing and the opportunities provided by AR technology. Users could experience Wendy's products virtually and earn rewards by completing fun tasks through the gamified Snap lens. This increased users’ interaction with the brand, bringing them back to the platform repeatedly and fostering loyalty. This innovative campaign by Wendy's strengthened the brand's digital strategies and increased brand awareness by attracting users’ attention. It showed how Wendy's products could stand out in the virtual environment and attract users' interest.



Earth Day: Sustainability with Delaware North


For Earth Day, we took a stand for sustainability with Delaware North by merging cutting-edge VFX with AR technology to create a campaign that heightened environmental awareness. This campaign highlighted the Patron brand’s commitment to planet-friendly innovations. Users interacted with impressive visuals that enhanced environmental consciousness and strengthened sustainability messages through AR technology. Such projects help brands fulfill their social responsibilities while enabling users to develop an eco-friendly brand image. Delaware North's campaign demonstrated that AR technology can be used not only for entertainment and marketing but also for raising social awareness and protecting the environment. The campaign increased users' environmental awareness, making them more conscious of sustainability. Such initiatives emphasize brands' social responsibilities while increasing users' trust and loyalty to the brand. AR technology played a critical role in delivering environmental messages and capturing users' attention in this campaign.


Denny's: Unique Dining Experience with AR Menu


The AR menu we designed for Denny's Diner, with realistic 3D integrations and animations, provided a unique dining experience, increasing customer interaction and loyalty. Users could experience the menu virtually without the need to download any extra applications. This technology made meal selections more fun and informative for customers. The AR menu allowed users to gain more information about the dishes offered by the restaurant and visually experience them. This facilitated meal selections while enhancing the quality of service provided by the restaurant. Denny's innovation set a perfect example of how AR technology can be used in the food industry and elevated the customer experience to a new level. Users could examine 3D models of the dishes on the menu, seeing how they looked and what ingredients were used. This helped customers make more informed choices and increased their satisfaction. Moreover, such technology encourages customers to stay longer in the restaurant, enriching the overall customer experience and fostering loyalty.


Transformation of the Food and Beverage Industry with AR


Augmented reality is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry by increasing user interaction and making brands' digital marketing strategies innovative. Leading brands like Coca-Cola, Wendy's, Delaware North, and Denny's use AR technology to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Discover how AR can contribute to the food and beverage industry, and find out how to implement this innovative technology in your brand! Contact us for more information or speak with one of our AR experts for a personalized consultation. Propel your brand into the future and be part of the digital transformation!


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